Program for Day 2, Friday, July 30th 2004     (View Day 1)

   Location: Lomond Auditorium at the SECC's Loch Suite (plan, image)

Non-globular Structures (Chair - Byungkook (BK) Lee), 9:00 - 10:15
9:00 Invited Speaker: Gunnar von Heijne: Genome-wide Membrane Protein Topology Predictions. (Invited-4)
9:30 Matthew L. Baker & Wah Chiu: Analysis of Intermediate Resolution Structures. (77)
9:45 Marialuisa Pellegrini-Calace, William R. Taylor, David T. Jones: FILM2: a Novel Method for the Prediction of Transmembrane Helical Bundles in a Membrane-like Environment. (68)
10:00 Rune Linding, Robert B. Russell, Lars J. Jensen, Francesca Diella, Peer Bork, Toby J. Gibson: Intrinsic Protein Disorder - Function, Disease and Structural Proteomics. (5)
10:15 Coffee Break
Function Analysis, (Chair - Haim Wolfson), 10:45 - Noon
10:45 Invited Speaker: Florencio Pazos & Michael Sternberg: Automated Prediction of Protein Function from Structure
11:15 Richard J. Morris, Abdullah Kahraman, Rafael Najmanovich, Fabian Glaser, Roman Laskowski, Janet M. Thornton: Protein Active Site Identification and Fast Shape Comparison (43)
11:30 Antonio Del Sol, Paul A. O'Meara: Small-World Network Approach to Identify Key Residues in Protein-Protein Interaction (28)
11:45 Arye Shemesh, Gil Amitai, Einat Sitbon, Maxim Shklar, Dvir Netanely, Ilya Venger, Shmuel Pietrokovski: Structural Analysis of Residue Interaction Graphs. (45)
12:00 Lunch + Laptop Session
15:00 Discussion session - Challenges in Function Prediction. Chair - Gideon Schreiber
Molecular Machines and RNA (Chair - Miriam Eisenstein), 16:00 - 16:30
16:00 Barry J. Grant, Leo S. Caves, Rob Cross: Stripping down the Kinesin Molecular Motor: a Combined Informatics and Simulation Approach. (9)
16:15 Joerg Hackermueller, Nicole-Claudia Meisner, Manfred Auer, Markus Jaritz: mRNA Openers - Computationally Designed Modulators of mRNA Secondary Structure which Manipulate Gene Expression. (74)
16:30 Coffee Break
Evolution (Chair - Kevin Karplus), 17:00 - 18:30
17:00 Martin Madera, Julian Gough, Sarah Kummerfeld and Cyrus Chothia (invited presentation): The Homology of Genome Sequences: Profile-Profile Sequence Matching and the SUPERFAMILY Database. (Invited-7).
17:30 Sanne Abeln & Charlotte M. Deane: Investigating Protein Structure Evolution by Fold Usage on Genomes. (24)
17:45 Gestel David & Ian Humphery-Smith: The Binding-Site Diversity of the Entire Non-denatured, Surface-exposed Human Proteome. (46)
18:00 Invited Speaker: Song Yang, Russell Doolittle, Philip E. Bourne: The Study of Evolution through Protein Domain Structure. (Invited-8)
18:30 Lights out...
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